Build a Training Plan with Crimpd+

How to build a custom training plan with skill templates and workouts

As part of an active Crimpd+ membership, subscribers have access to the custom training plan builder feature which allows you to create and manage your own training plans. Building a training plan typically consists of 4 primary steps:

  1. Create a training plan
  2. Add workouts and skill templates to your plan
  3. Adjust the weekly volume and training plan phases
  4. Start your training plan

1 Create a training plan

When starting to build your training plan, there are two methods you can use: start with a pre-existing Skill Template to help bootstrap your plan or create a training plan from scratch.

You will need to decided what you want to train, and which method will work the best for creating an effective plan for you.

Option 1: Start with a Skill Template

Skill Templates are a feature included with Crimpd+ memberships that are designed to help climbers bootstrap their training by offering guidance on how to improve a specific skill relevant to climbing performance. Skill templates can be found on the Training Plan tab of the Crimpd app

Skill Templates are designed to focus on a specific climbing skill, such as Finger Strength, Core Strength, or Pull-up Strength with progressions designed for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite climbers.
All Skill Templates are 6 weeks in duration and consist of 2x 3-week microcycles (2 weeks of base loading followed by 1 week of rest/deload)

Once you’ve found a Skill Template that is appropriate for your current skill level and goals, select the Add to Training Plan button to add the Skill to your training plan. If this is your first training plan a new plan will automatically be created for you. If you have an existing upcoming training plan, you may alternatively select to add this Skill Template to your upcoming training plan.

Option 2: Start with a blank training plan

Alternatively, you may also create a new blank training plan as a starting point. To create a new blank plan select the Create Training Plan button on the Training Plan tab.

When creating a new training plan a suggested plan name will be generated based on the next available starting date for the training plan. By default, the next available starting date will be selected. Please note that only one training plan may be active concurrently.
Once you have created your new Training Plan you will be automatically directed to the Training Plan builder page.

TIP   Training plans are scheduled to start on the first day of the week. In North American regions of the world, the starting day will be Sunday. In regions of the world that follow ISO date standards, the first day of the week will be Monday (select regions may use Sunday as their starting day). If the default region does not correspond to your preferred locale, you may change the starting day of the week in the Settings menu.

From the Training Plan builder page you can begin to Add Workouts or Add Skill Templates by clicking on the respective buttons.

2 Add workouts and skill templates to your plan

Workouts and Skill Templates can be added to your plan by clicking on either the Add Workout, Add Skill Template, or the blue + button.

From within the Add Workouts view you can easily switch between all available Workouts and Skill Templates. The Search filters allow you to find specific workouts by Category, Equipment, or even those that are suitable for the home.

It is also possible to build your plan by exploring Workouts within the app. On the Workout Details page select the Add to Plan button, followed by Add to Existing Plan and then Add to Training Plan.

Once you have successfully added a new workout to your training plan you will be redirected to the training plan builder.

3 Schedule workout volume and adjust your weeks

Schedule total weekly volume for each workout

Once you have added workouts to your plan, you may begin scheduling the weekly volume for each workout by selecting the “Edit” icon next to the workout name.

Adjusting weeks

You may adjust the weeks of your training plan by selecting the desired week number at the top of the plan builder page. With each week you will have the option to:

  • Delete the week from the plan
  • Add or remove a week before or after the selected week
  • Edit the phase of each week
Training plan phases are broken down into 3 different categories:
  • Base - Weeks that are suitable for standard training load
  • Rest - Weeks that are intended to serve as a rest or deload week (typically about half the total volume as a Base week)
  • Peak - Weeks where supplemental training is kept to a minimum in order to prioritize Peak performance on climbing projects, trips, or competitions.

When selecting an appropriate micro-cycle for your training plan it is important to balance the ratio of Base-to-Rest weeks. By default, all custom training plans will have a 3:1 Base to Rest micro-cycle. Skill Templates are designed to be more conservative and therefore utilize a 2:1 Base to Rest micro-cycle.

Adjusting the plan start date

If you would like to change the name of your training plan, edit the plan duration, change the starting week, or delete the training plan simply select the Edit button next to the plan name at the top of the page.

Training Plans may have a minimum duration of 1 week and a maximum duration of 24 weeks. We recommend that you limit the plan duration to a maximum of 12 weeks. Longer training plans and cycles can easily be split up into multiple plans, which allows for easier management.

4 Start your training plan!

Once your training plan has been created to align with your training goals, get started with your plan!