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Training for the self coached climber

Use Crimpd+ to focus your training.

  • Full access to over 200 workouts and progressions
  • Create custom training plans
  • Pre-built Skill Templates to add to your training plan
Access 200+ workouts with Crimpd+
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Build Your Training Plan

Create custom training plans

Using the Crimpd+ training plan builder, you can customize your plan from over 200 workouts, progressions, & Skill Templates to quickly build a targeted plan

Target Sub-Skills for Climbing

Pre-built Skill Templates to Add to Your Training Plan

Skill Templates are pre-built training plans that can be used to improve specific aspects of your climbing. Mix & match Skill Templates to improve specific areas of your climbing training.

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Dynamically Adjust Your Plan

Schedule and Update Your Training Plan

When life and the weather throw curveballs at you, adjust your training plan, on the fly, keeping your focus and goals in sight.

Workouts at Your Fingertips

Access to All 200 Workouts & Progressions

Progressions help you safely and incrementally “stick the move” on your project.

Climbing Workouts with Progressions