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Focus Your Training

Training for the self-coached climber

Use Crimpd+ to focus your training with full access to over 200 workouts and progressions. Create custom training plans and use pre-built skill templates to add to your training plan.

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Professional Workouts

Workouts Designed by Lattice Training

Follow workouts crafted by world-class climbers and coaches, Tom Randall and Ollie Torr of Lattice Training. Each workout is tailored to help climbers improve their endurance, power endurance, strength & power, and conditioning & mobility.

Customized Training Plans

Train With Lattice Training

Custom training plans written by the world-renowned Lattice Coaching team are designed to focus on your goals and address your specific weaknesses.

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Step-By-Step Guidance

Track Your Workouts

Interactive workouts take you step-by-step through the exercises of each workout. The built-in timer is designed specifically for climbing workouts, like hangboarding and interval circuits.

Built-In Analytics

Analyze Your Progress

Keep track of the workouts you've completed with the click of a button, Crimpd automatically calculates the workload of each workout. Visualize your progress using Crimpd's built-in analytics.

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