Content Update #4 – 6 in 6 & Press and Row

As we promised, we’re putting lots of time into continually building out Crimpd into the most kickass training support we can imagine. As soon as the new content roll-out is done, we’ll be straight on to the next development 🤓🤓

Featuring @ollietorr on the new Fusion holds and @madeleine_cope who just climbed Mind Control, 5.14b/8c.

Session one: 6in6. This is a classic anaerobic capacity session. Hard boulders, repeated on the minute, with the aim to stimulate the localized anaerobic metabolism. Your aim is Power Out!! 👊👊

Session two: Press & Row. As climbers, we need to continually work on our upper body S&C (especially around the shoulders) so we’ve added in a workout that can be done with weights rather than TRX. Or for some of you, it’ll be a combo!! 

Give them a shot and let us know how they are. This is going to be a busy week for us with a new app update up next.