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Content Update #3 – Competition Boulder Sets & Hard Core

This week we’ve got a new bouldering workout for the aspiring competition climber in addition to a workout many people have been asking for – a harder core workout. Let’s have a look at both.

H-Core and Competition Boulder Sets

Competition Boulder Sets

First up we have Competition Boulder Sets – a very intense workout that is designed to simulate the demands of competition level climbing.

To start this workout you’ll need to select 6 problems that are close to and even slightly beyond your max bouldering level. On each problem you have a maximum of 4 minutes to complete the boulder, making sure to adequately rest between each attempt. If you complete a boulder then you are allowed to rest for the remainder of the 4 minute block. If you fall off, give yourself a sufficient amount of rest (~30 – 60 seconds) before attempting the boulder again. Once the 4 minutes is complete you will rest for 4 minutes before moving on to the next boulder.

Since nearly all problems will be close to your max it is expected you will only be able to complete 30-50% of the boulder problems.


With the H-Core workout we have 3 basic exercises – Weighted Upper Ab Crunches, Back Arches, and Kettle Bell Twist Crunches – that can be performed on their own or with added weight to make them more difficult. Each exercise has 4 sets with between 10 and 30 reps per set. To make the burn even more intense only 1 minute of rest is allowed between sets and exercises. As you get better at the workout simply add weight to keep the intensity high.

That’s all for now. Next week we should be dropping our February release which will greatly expand the workouts we can offer in Crimpd!