Content Update #1 – Aero 4’s & Board 10

Today marks the first 2 of many new workouts we’ll be adding to the Crimpd app in the coming months – Aero 4’s and Board 10.

Aero 4’s and Board 10 workouts in the app

Aero 4’s

The goal of this workout is to maintain an increased level of blood flow to the forearms without creating a high level of muscle pump until the final rep.

Choose 4 easy routes or circuits which are around 4 grades below your max on-sight level. Each rep should last between 1 and 3 minutes. This means each set should last between 4 and 12 minutes. Ideally each set needs to be completed on a different route or circuit but if you need to repeat a climb this is fine also.

Climb 4 laps of your chosen climb. Aim to keep a consistent pace and avoid shaking out for two long on resting positions. The climb should be easier enough for you to focus on good technique throughout.

Board 10

Choose 10 different boulder problems on your chosen training board.

The first 5 problems should be at a moderate difficulty for you and will ideally be already practiced. Treat this as the last stage of your warm up. You should only attempt each of these problems for a maximum of 2 times each.

The second 5 problems should be very challenging to complete. Each problem should be close to your max. You can attempt each problem several times in a row BUT you must save enough energy to attempt all the problems. Aim to try each problem for a maximum of 10 attempts. It is okay to fail on several problem during this part of the session. If you complete 100% of the problems easily, increase the difficulty of the list of problem.

Give ’em a shot and let us know what you think!