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Content Update #4 – 6 in 6 & Press and Row

As we promised, we’re putting lots of time into continually building out Crimpd into the most kickass training support we can imagine. As soon as the new content roll-out is done, we’ll be straight on to the next development 🤓🤓 Session one: 6in6. This is a classic anaerobic capacity session. Hard boulders, repeated on the […]

Content Update #3 – Competition Boulder Sets & Hard Core

This week we’ve got a new bouldering workout for the aspiring competition climber in addition to a workout many people have been asking for – a harder core workout. Let’s have a look at both. Competition Boulder Sets First up we have Competition Boulder Sets – a very intense workout that is designed to simulate […]

Content Update #2 – Route Pyramids & Small(er) Edges

Continuing with our plans of releasing 2 new workouts every week, this week we have the Route climbing variation of the Bouldering Pyramid workout and a variation of our Small Edges fingerboard workout featuring smaller-er edges. Route Pyramid First up we have the route climber’s variation of the classic Pyramid workout we have in the […]

Content Update #1 – Aero 4’s & Board 10

Today marks the first 2 of many new workouts we’ll be adding to the Crimpd app in the coming months – Aero 4’s and Board 10. Aero 4’s The goal of this workout is to maintain an increased level of blood flow to the forearms without creating a high level of muscle pump until the final […]