2019.1 Release Notes – v1.5.0

One of our major goals for 2019 is to significantly expand the amount of content we have in the app. Over the coming months we plan to introduce new workouts, new assessment tests, and new timer modes to support climbers in their training goals.

To support this goal we recently pushed our January release (v1.5.0) to the Apple AppStore, Google Play, and to the web. The main theme of this release was to redesign the homepage to make it easier to find workouts and to better support tablets.

Screenshots of the different sections of the new home page

We had a number of goals with the home page re-design:

  • Reduce the number of clicks/taps it takes to find a workout
  • Make it easier for climbers to see their favorite workouts
  • Showcase the Assessment tests we have in the app
  • Make logging open climbing sessions more intuitive
  • Provide a better user experience for desktop and tablets

In the coming weeks we’ll start to launch new content. Our plan is to release a minimum of 2 workouts per week. Stay tuned for more!